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Crystal Alum


Aloe Vera

Natural anti deodorant
Fragrance free
Alcohol free
No toxins
No sticky
Not staining
Environmentally safe

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crystal alum deodorant

Most people hate body odor.

Most deodorants on the market today merely mask that odor with unnecessary and unwanted chemicals.
Most popular natural deodorants in that aisle are the Crystal Alum Deodorant. A traditional body deodorant made from natural mineral salts usually including potassium or ammonium alum. The Crystal Alum Deodorant has been used for many years in Thailand, as a deodorant, basic antiperspirant and astringent. The Crystal Alum Deodorant is also used on cuts after shaving because of closes pores and stops bleeding.

The Crystal Alum Deodorant is used in our deodorants for its antibacterial and helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin. The bacteria are the causes to bad smell.

The Crystal Alum Deodorant is non-toxic and has molecules too large to pass through the skin – nothing is absorbed into the body that could cause disease or an allergic reaction and the Crystal Alum Deodorant do not leave behind any noticeable residue on skin or clothing for men and women.
Total effectiveness of the Crystal Alum Deodorant is controlling body odor, conveniences each and every user that the Crystal Alum deodorant is the only deodorant they will ever need.

Body deodorant products with 24 hours protection
Completely natural anti deodorant
Free of fragrance and alcohol
Not sticky and staining
Not leave stain on cloth
Environmentally safe

How to use the Crystal Alum Deodorant for body odor?
After showering but before toweling dry, just apply the Crystal Alum Deodorant to your underarms and areas of your body, then towel dry. Otherwise, wet Crystal Alum Deodorant before use. After use clean the Crystal Alum Deodorant and wipe dry for long lasting.

A microscopically thin film dissolves from the Crystal Alum deodorant and remains on your skin. The mineral salts in Crystal Alum Deodorant neutralize the acidic PH of perspiration, and stop bacteria growth, the two main causes of body odor.

How to use the Crystal Alum Deodorant for after shaving?
After shaving, just wet the Crystal Alum Deodorant and rub gently onto the shaved area. After use clean the Crystal Alum Deodorant and wipe dry for long lasting.
Feeling fresh and clean all day!

crystal alum deodorant
crystal alum deodorant


crystal alum deodorant

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crystal alum deodorant

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crystal alum deodorant