1. After an application of the Crystal Alum Deodorant, it worked the whole entire day with odor-free all day long.

2. His admiration after using the Crystal Alum Deodorant. He has 13-year-old grandson who has serious lung problems, asthma and allergies. He has been allergic to all deodorants except Crystal Alum Deodorant which does not cause any breakout from elbow and down to the waist like the other deodorants previously used that caused these problems.

3. The long duration of the product is superb. “Although the package information states that this the Crystal Alum Deodorant lasts one year, I have used it exclusively on my underarm and have had three years plus use from it, and there is probably a couple of months use still left. It has never let me down.”

4. His admiration of the Crystal Alum Deodorant due to it is fulfillment of his various requirement respects i.e. 1) blocks body odor, 2) is best not scented at all, 3) is not sticky or gooey, 4) is environmental friendly, and 5) is not an antiperspirant. Crystal deodorant can serve his purpose in every respect.

5. Hard test on the Crystal Alum Deodorant form user, usually he works all night, it’s heavy, sweaty work. After work, he comes home and does his laundry work, clean, etc. It works ! He found this deodorant is superb and greatest that he had never found before.

6. His admiration on the Crystal Alum Deodorant. It is the only product that he has found, it control odor and does not stain his professional clothes. The product is very effective with its satisfied results.